We have been giving a high quality of physiotherapy through both manual therapy and modalities around Madurai, Since 2003. Along with Manual Therapy, we have advanced well equipped machines in our clinic - through which we are giving the most effective treatments. We assure that you can the feel difference for sure.


EXERCISE is a medicine. Only an expert physiotherapist, who have a lot of education and experience can prescribe it perfectly. AMEER PHYSIO CARE CLINIC have more qualified physiotherapists, who constantly update themselves at various aspects in the field of physiotherapy more frequently.


TREATING THE PAIN, is quite easy. But “ERADICATING THE PAIN” is our motto. Only a WISE PHYSIO can identify the origin of pain through an appropriate assessment and approach the patient’s need. We have a very good knowledge and attitude towards promotion of physically active lifestyle for our clients.


PHYSIOTHERAPY WITH CARE TO CURE. We all have been working together to provide the best care and service to our valued clients for past 10 years. We care for wisdom, truth and the improvement of the soul which is far better than to seek money, honour and reputation.


We offer a complete range of specialty services of cardiovascular, neuroscience, orthopaedics, paediatrics , for infants, children and adults, old age including pregnant women. Especially, we treat a wide range of sports players for all type of sports injuries.


Our mission to improve the health of our patients and community through innovation and excellence in care, education, research and service. Since we update ourselves very often, we use various innovative techniques to relief the pain very instantly and within less period of time.


For each and every person,” TIME IS PRECIOUS”. We value the time, so we take your time less and give you more satisfactory treatment, by understanding your pain and treat according to the exact requirement. Our theme is to service more people with affordable treatment.

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